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The CrossFit Games Come To BizFit!

     Starting Mon. August 18 we will be doing the 4 w.o.d.'s that were contested at the official CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA.  Follow the link to the CrossFit main site to view the first three events.  We will do one on Mon. and follow it up with one the next two days.  Thursday we will let the dust settle a bit and rip through the last event on Fri.  I highly encourage everyone to try and make all four events.

     This photo, taken from the CrossFit main site, shows the action and excitement of the deadlift, burpee w.o.d.

4th of July Jackie!

Great turnout for the 9am "Jackie" on the 4th of July!

The 1st heat hits the rower!

For those who missed out "Jackie" is; 1000m row, 50 reps of 45# Thrusters and 30 reps of Pull Ups. With so many people we broke it down into 3 heats.

Congratulations to Lynne and Ken, trying their first CrossFit session, great work guys.  Solid efforts from Beth, Jason, Heather, Bob, Ron, Travis and Donna.

The final heat was Mike, Matt and James.  James took top honours with a 6:12.  Watch this space for more pics and maybe even some video.


Enjoy your weekend!

4th of July – 9am Workout!

Come and join us for an invigorating 9am workout prior to indulging in family picnics or whatever your 4th of July weekend has in store.

Sign up at Bizfit, we need a minimum of 5 to run the session!

or Sign-up by using the comment section at the bottom of the blog