33 members of "The BizFit Nation" came in to take part in the CrossFit W.O.D. which set the record for the most people in a single day.  It took "Angie" to bring everyone out today.  "Angie" was one of my least favorite workouts but not no more.  Bring on "Angie!"

     A big thanks goes out to Bob, Samar, Kim, Jonathon, Gary, Scott, Ellen, Michelle, Lauren, Art, Laura, Sheri, Holly, Kim, Gabrielle, Ron, Ethan, Kate, Leslie, Marty, Mike, Laurel, Martha, Jeff, Amy, Sarah, Erik, Rebecca, Cathy, Trish, Lois, Mona and Jason.

     You are the heart and soul of BizFit and I considerate it an honor to be your coach!

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Mona Pizzuto · October 2, 2008 at 9:01 am

Mike – WE are so lucky to have YOU!!! You listened to our whining all day long yesterday during ANGIE yet even at your 6pm class – you were still encouraging us and motiviating us to finish each 100 rep round. Thank you for pushing us every day and helping each and everyone of us to be our BEST!

Lois Hobbs · October 2, 2008 at 10:47 am

Thank you, Mike, for keeping our workouts interesting and challenging. They’re even fun, occasionally! We’re so lucky to have you in Great Barrington.

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