Gary Casarsa breezing up 185#!

"CrossFit Total"
Back Squat 1-1-1
Press 1-1-1
Health Lift 1-1-1

      "The 100 Day Burpee Challenge"  What is it?  How do I get involved?  What do I get for doing it?  Most importantly why the hell would I want to do it?

     The 100 day Burpee Challenge is a burpee marathon that will last 100 days.  It starts off simply enough with 1 measly burpee on day one and 2 burpees on day 2 and 3 on day three etc. etc. etc. (100 reps on day one hundred), you get the idea.  To find out exactly how to do a burpee follow that link to a great instructional video.  To get involved drop down on the floor and give me 15 reps today because today is day 15 which means counting today we will have done 120 reps so far.  If you miss a day simply make them up.  If you start today you could do all 120 today or you could make them up over the next week or so by doing an extra ten reps on top of the number of reps for that given day.  Any way you slice it when the dust settles you will have completed 4,050 burpees, a monumental task.

     What do you get for doing it?  A whole host of improved fitness qualities such as agility, stamina, cardiovascular fitness, speed, power, accuracy, balance, flexibility, coordination and maybe even some strength in the push ups.  O.K. so who cares about that stuff (we all should).  What do I really get?  Let's have some fun with this thing, or at least try.  What I want is a picture of you doing your burpees in an "interesting" or "peculiar" spot such as maybe the supermarket or where ever.  The most interesting and funny photo will win the BizFit Prize Package (more details on the prize package forthcoming).  Hint: wearing a BizFit t-shirt in the photo is a plus.

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