2018 CrossFit Opens begins Thursday, February 22!!! Follow this link https://games.crossfit.com/ to sign up now!!! If your wondering if you should do the “Opens” come talk to Mike and we’ll devise a plan for your success, fun and enjoyment!!!
Stamina Friday
Torso Landmine (5 sets x 30 reps)
Sled Drag (backwards) (5 sets x 225’)
Down, back,down
Ring push ups (5 sets x max reps)
Banded Pull Through (5 sets 30 reps blue/red bands)
5 x 1 minute on (max rep)
1 minute off x 3 rounds
Front Rack Lunge (5 sets x 150’ 2×1 pood/2 x 12 kg bells)
Down and back

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