Just to prove that the Berkshires offer a little bit of everything and a complete opposite from Saturdays sunshine, the evening sessions on Monday turned into a trial by thunder, lightning and torential rain.

Well done to all those that completed "Murph" with a variety of scaling.  At least the final mile run in the rain was a way to cool off even if the lightning seemed to be getting closer by the minute!

Nice work by Amy and Sarah, who after rowing the first mile chose to run the second, finishing together a little damp but still smiling 🙂

Donna now has her kipping pullup going and did a scaled version in an effort to do full pull ups and push ups for the whole workout, mission accomplished well done!

Leslie and Steve completed the workout unscaled going long and hard. Good efforts also by Joan, Beth, Travis, Alden, Ron and Jason (those squats look good!) as well.

Big thanks to Travis for staying for the second session and keeping track of 8 peoples scores on the whiteboard.

Looks like the weather is improving for the rest of the week so we look forward to seeing you at the  gym!




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Jason · June 20, 2008 at 5:50 pm

Thanks for the kind words concerning my squats. I went from not being able to do one with a box under me to actually liking them. Donna had to beat them into me! After being beat so many times, you just learn to do them right!!!! 🙂

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