Matt at the finish

With the Crossfit total completed I was counting on those that had posted huge numbers suffering on the run and allowing me to make up some ground. Having completed the CrossFit Running and Endurance Cert the weekend before I was also hopeful that my Pose Running technique would give me an advantage. 

The day started with the weather looking ideal for running, a cool breeze and gray skys.  By lunchtime it was pouring rain, but so long as the trails were well drained it shouldn't be a problem.  When we started to walk over to the run venue the sun was peaking through.  By start time the sun was out, the wind and rain were gone and the humidity was way up.  Time for the shirt to come off in an effort to stay cool.

The venue was a local park called "The Flats". The name was close but with a number of bumps and lumps in the trail it was not flat! The course was around 70% sealed. 20% compacted gravel and 10% mown grass field.  Just enough variety to keep it interesting.

It was a mass start and I managed to get away in the 1st group.  Mile 1 flew by and I missed my time check. I hit mile 2 in 13 minutes and was still just managing to hold some sort of Pose Running form.  The final mile was tough, with the final leg to the finish run on grass. I finished in 20:53 which placed me 4th amongst the men and 5th overall.  Yes that's right one of the women, Sarah Scholl of Stamford, CT, beat all the men in a time of 19:15.


Matt in the woods

That placing moved me from 27th overall to 11th overall.  All those Pose Running drills had paid off. My Pose is still not perfect and I will continue to work on it but I definitley saw some benefit during this event. Remember we are offering a free Pose Running Clinic at BizFit on Saturday 14th June at 10am.

Now it was time to relax and get some rest before the Hopper on Sunday.

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Jeremy Winslow · June 5, 2008 at 9:26 am

Mike and Matt, Just wanted to say hey before I head off to Cali, and then Sicily on Monday. It was awesome meeting you guys this past weekend, both of you are in great shape and are amazing competitors! Mike, I didn’t realize you hit 430# in the dead, I missed 430# by a few inches! Awesome man. I got my payback in the Hopper though:) Even though it was really hard. Anyway, keep up the great work up there in the mountains, I’m off to sunny Sicily to do some EOD stuff, and trnasform myself into a Crossfit Monster! Better watch ou for next year if I’m around, I want #1!!! Check out my blog, and keep in touch. I’m sure we will meet in the Crosffit future sometime. Do all you do with 100% Passion!!!

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