The Tale of the Whiteboard – Matt's Numbers!

I remember saying "It's only 9 reps" to a group at BizFit a few weeks ago.  Well those words came back to haunt me in the first event of the East Coast CrossFit Challenge this weekend in Albany.

During the briefing on Friday night it was made clear that we had some things to think about, like the depth of the Back Squat and if kipping in the Shoulder Press was worth a try if we had never practiced it before.

Each lift had 3 judges and 1 or 2 spotters so it was fairly crowded in the competition room. My weight grade of 148-165 lbs had 5 competitors so the time between reps was nice and short.

As we had a CrossFit Total in the last few weeks I had a good idea of where my PR's were and where I had room to increase.

First up was the Back Squat, I opened at 275# which felt good and getting to the right depth with my hip crease parallel or below my knee was easy.  I moved up to 295# for the second lift, getting depth was a little harder but the weight felt ok so I moved up to 305# for my last lift, this equaled my PR so I was happy to end there.

Next the Shoulder Press. I opened at 125# well below the average for my group.  This is my weakest lift and I wanted to get in a lift I knew I could achieve. I then moved up to 140# an increase of 5# on my previous PR. With the 3rd lift I let the spirit of competition get the better of me and went for 150#.  this was too much of a jump and I failed on this lift.  The pain in my traps tells me that I tried my best to get it though.

Finally the Deadlift. I was sure I could improve on my PR of 330#. I opened with 310# and felt good.  i moved up to 335# a new PR. At this point I realized that if I went for 355# it would give me a Total of 800# which looked like a good goal. Had I done some better math and looked at what the others in my weight grade were doing I should have dropped the final weight a little. I missed the final lift due to not locking out my knees at the top of the lift.  A good lesson learnt there, no matter what the weight form is paramount.

So my total was 780# a new PR. This gave me a pound for pound score (my total divided by my body weight) of 4.79. I was 4th in my weight grade and 27th overall.

The biggest lesson learnt was to get smart and do the math, I missed placing in the top 3 of my weight grade by 5 pounds. Hindsight is 20/20.

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Mike Bissaillon · June 3, 2008 at 11:40 am

Great Job representing New Zealand and BizFit!!!

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