Squats, ring dips and pullups are exercises for the elite correct?  Not at Bizfit!  Bizfit Personal Training is powered by Crossfit (www.crossfit.com)  You'll find us under Crossfit Great Barrington on their list of Crossfit affiliates.  According to Greg Glassman, top dog at Crossfit, exercise will vary by degree not kind for either the elderly, middle aged or the young olympic athlete.  What that all means is that certain movement patterns are fundemental to everyone such as a squat.  A young olympic athlete may squat with hundreds of pounds on their back which is essential for their sporting needs and goals.  On the contrary a 51 year old career woman isn't going to need to squat that much weight but her health and fitness equally depends on her ability to perform the same movement pattern with efficiency and skill without the emphasis on weight.  Although given enough time and effort and that same 51 year old woman could squat a boat load. 

     The next two photos show her progress in the squat movement pattern.  The first photo shows her lower back losing it's proper curvature and her weight shifting to her toes as she descends.  The next photo depicts the proper lumbar curve with her head and arms up higher and her weight shifted to her heels where it belongs.  Once proper form is consistently reached and some strength endurance is improved with lots of body weight reps additional loading will be added to the exercise. 

     Even more impressive than the squats are the ring dips.  Borrowed from gymnastics and utilized extensively by the Crossfit program, ring dips are a key indicator to health and fitness.  How so you ask?  Brute strength body weight exercises such as ring dips require an impressive amount of upper body strength to weight ratio.  So just being big and strong isn't going to cut it here.  Blood pressure and ring dips both like strong and lean bodies.  Extra weight (fat) is punished by your health and your fitness performance.  Seeing how Crossfit is the "sport of fitness" consistent improvement in "the sport of fitness" will also ensure improvements in your health.  Following the Workout of the Day on www.crossfit.com and following their nutritional advice over time will ensure that your fitness performance will skyrocket and your weight normalize.

     After the jumping ring dips (a variation of the ring dip)  worked on her grip and kip with some hanging box kips.  AGAIN!  EXERCISE VARYS BY DEGREE NOT KIND!!!  Everyone can follow the same workout as long as the right variation is used.




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