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CrossFit W.O.D.

 Wall Ball Shots

 50, 40, 30, 20, 10  
 Jump Rope (1# rope)  50, 100, 50, 100, 50  
 D-Ball Slams  10, 20, 30, 40, 50  

Bizfit is one of the newest Crossfit affiliates, the Red Sox have won the 2007 World Series and today I bested my toughest competition in the w.o.d. you see here.  Life is good!  Very exciting times here at BizFit.  

     This w.o.d. was intended to be a met. con. workout and it lived up to it's billing and then some.  The wall ball shots (wbs) were done with the standard 20# ball while the jump ropes were weighted ropes and the slams were done with both the 30# and 20# alternating each set.  10 members of the Bizfit Nation grinded through todays wod and everyone was on top of their game.  Stacey Nelkin and her husband Marco Greenberg highlighted this mornings efforts.  Stacey did a scaled version with a 10# Dynamax ball for the wbs and a 16# D-Ball for slams and finished in 24 min flat.  Meahwhile Marco was weighted down with a bit more weight and was still able to pull it off in 26:15.  James Scott A. (an old friend who I have'nt seen in a while ) and myself completed the wod as r'xd and for once I actually beat "King James" with a time of 17:45 while James pulled in at 18:59 and Scotts scaled version was completed in 18:48.

     Monday morning rolls around and getting out of bed is all some people can muster the strength to do.  Well not my 8 am class.  This group of like minded people are the epitome of CrossFit.  They tackled the above WOD with an intensity that would make any coach proud.  Phoebe Williams led the pack with a time of 22:51 which is no surprise given the hardwork and determination she puts in to every wod weather at Bizfit or home.  Michelle, Claire, Jeanie, Ellen and Mark were all on Phoebes heels and finished no more than seconds behind.  I told everyone I made this WOD and many others up the night after the Red Sox clinched the World Series.  They all responded the same by saying they sure are happy the Sox won because we would hate to see how awful the WODS would be had the Sox lost.

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marco · December 3, 2007 at 7:09 am

Hi Mike: Congrats on the official affiliation! You’re awesome. Love seeing this stuff online. Look forward to working out more at BizFit! Come visit us in Boston during the week. Thanks for all your help in getting us involved in CrossFit. Yours, Marco

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