A Busy Day at Bizfit


"Elizabeth" Comes Calling

                            The W.O.D.

Deadlift 5-3-2 reps ("easy strength" see Power To The People Monthly)

Gary 185, Ron 135, Bob 200, Simeon 90, Tony 110, Somer, Brooke and Margret 90


Box Jumps                           10

Hollow Rock                         20

Wall Ball Shots                    20

SDHP                                    20

GHD Sit Ups                        20

Super Plank                         10

3 Laps for time:         


The W.O.D.


21-15-9 reps of:



Jeff Labonte kicked off the day at 6 am with a scaled version using 2 12 kg kettlebells for the cleans and doing ring push ups instead of dips.

Jeff    8:08

Dan then kicked it with 95# barbell and challenging, feet up ring push ups in 11:55.  Lisa using dumbells for the cleans 15# and ring push ups finished in 12:45

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