Monday Madness with Mike and Marty!

Let me give you the blow by blow details of this one.  My favorite saying from Marty is, "Never a bad day".  We only tend to use it when of corse we are having one.  So when "Never a bad day" was my reply to "Hi, Mike.  How are you?  We both new this one would hurt.

First off I just have to thank Coach Greg Glassman and the gang at Crossfit for the amazing amount of quality, FREE info they provide on their site.  With all the mickey mouse sites that charge for their pathetic conten.  I could name a few because I have given $10 a month to receive access to material that I then have to pay alacart for any of the articles.  Even when I finally paid for  the material I was miserably disappointed with the content.  O.K. enough.  What about todays workout?

W.O.D.  5Rounds for Time:                     Mike          Marty


10 reps   10 reps
 Ring Dips  10 reps 10 reps 
 L-Sit to Tuck Planche  Hold Forever or 5 sec  Hold Forever or 5 sec
 Kettlebell Snatch  24kg x 20 reps/arm 20kg x 20 reps/arm 

In true Crossfit fashion the workout was posted on the board and as usually looks inocent untill the second glance.  10 pullups, 10 ring dips (which is one more than our previous max), L-sit to tuck planche (these kill me)and kettlebell snatches 20/arm to finish off a round.  The kicker you ask?  5 Rounds for Time!!!  Marty leads off and bangs out ten easy pullups and I follow suit.  Off to the dips which we both no problem did ten which led us to the snatches which left us both panting like a dog in heat.  We both look at each other gasping for our next breathe and start laughing.  "Only 4 more laps to go!" We said simultaneously.

The cool thing is that we did 5 sets of 10 pullups no problem.  The first three sets of ring dips were unbroken sets and the snatches hammered us but we did 200 total which is maybe a new PR to be done in a circuit like that.

We decided we need to do a max pullup and dip day to see how many we can really do in a row.  I'll bet 20 is not far away.  Now if I can just get the damn L-Sits for more than whatever.


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