Lois, Bob, Biz, Brandon, James, Gary, Lou, Shaun, Dan and Lauren

Front Row:  My gang!!  Cole, Caroline, Kathleen and Jack

Absent from photo: Mat, Aaron


The dynamic team of Gary Casarsa and James Hobart were the first to complete the days work but I would have to say that everyone was a winner.  The competition was fierce but  commraderie ruled.   A big thanks to Lauren Cavanaugh of Mahaiwe Tents for providing us with a large barbeque, tables, chairs and a couple of amazing salads to go with our Spartan feast.  Also a big thanks to my wife, Leslie, who besides watching our four kids was able to prepare the chicken and bake some amazing Spartan cookies.  Last but not least thank you to all who came and sweat and shared a terrific evening.

Minutes before the competition was to start I get a call from Lou saying he found this great piano and if he picks it up NOW he can have it.  Off go Gary, James, Bob and Brandon to pick up the piano and load it onto Gary's trailer.  Well the piano sat there in my parking lot untill 11:30 pm when we finished watching "300" so over to Lou's we go and do a midnight piano run which topped off the night just right.  Needless to say my 7 am appointment the following morning came quick.  Just another day at Bizfit.

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