"When it rains it pours."  So the saying goes.  Lately it has been pouring, members of the Bizfit Nation have been hit hard with life's inevitibilities.  Many of the training sessions as of late have had a much greater significance than just getting in shape.  As easily as you can see muscle growing and fat deteriorating mental health status can be seen improving through smiles, sweat and effort in the gym.  I am constantly amazed with how plastic our mind, body and spirits can be.  Members of the nation have come in at times stiff and tight, tired, "feeling fat," somewhat depressed and unmotivated to do anything.  Where do you go from there? 

     Maybe we start with a particular stretch that addresses a chronic tightness or two before moving on to some active stretching and joint mobility drills.  At this point things are already feeling better and thoughts start to focus on the exercise at hand.  From here you can see the persons spirit being challenged and answering the call with a couple of agressive reps.  The key to one of these sessions is to just get the person lathered up and then shut them down before they get hurt.  Stressful times are the easiest times to get hurt.  Your sleeping and eating habits are both out of whack and you can not expect to set a PR in the gym.  Just the right amount of work can leave the person more capable to deal with lifes adversities.

     I have felt very honored that the members of the Bizfit Family have come in and entrusted me with there health during such trying times and hope that I may have helped in some little way.


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Hobart · July 28, 2007 at 4:12 am

13 days….

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