A Crossfit inspired Girvoy Sport Workout!!!

Four rounds for time

Kb Jerks (double kb)            15reps

                                                                            Knees to Elbows                  15reps  

Kb Snatches (single kb)       15reps/arm

GHD Back Ext.                     15reps

under 30 min (timer issues, I forgot to start it)

     Marty- alt. push presses instead of jerks (2) 20kg bells, (1) 20kg bell for snatch.

     Mike- (2) 24kg bells for jerks and (1) 24kg bell for snatches

I called Marty after the workout and promised him I was not trying to kill the two of us.  I thought Fri. workout was top 3 hardest ever and then we did this.  What's on tap for Wed.??  Marty wont be in untill Wed. but Tue I will do Hang Squat Cleans for 7 sets of 1 rep after warming up to some heavy weight.  See ya Wed. Marty. 



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James Hobart · July 16, 2007 at 3:36 pm

I remember there was a time when we insisted on stopping a workout before it resulted in a mess of my lunch on the floor. However, these days things seem very different. Regurgitation seems to be a benchmark the elite workouts. This leads me to wonder, have we really evolved? I put it a double day today of a Tabata protocol session and then went in later in the day for a heavy power clean, jerk front squat workout. Keep working hard BizFit.

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