Double Clean & Press 1,2,3 x 4
Kipping Pull ups 2,4,6 x 4
Ring Dips 2,4,6 x 4
Marty and I pounded out this workout. Double kettlebells give you that little extra kick in the pants before the kipping pull ups hit you in the mouth (Don't laugh at my numbers you Crossfit kipping cowboys I am just learning this progression and don't want to blow a gasket). Finish the ladder with some ring dips and your that much closer to a career as a gymnast.

Marty and I were both trying to figure out the whole kipping thing when all of a sudden I kip my way up and my lower chest floated up over the bar and I leaned back and rhythmacly fell into another powerful rep. Talk about a revalation!!! Then later on Marty steps up to the plate on his last set and blows out 10 easy pull ups. We were amped to be getting the hang of the whole damn thing and were feeding off each others succes and failure. A great training session!!!!

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Mike Bissaillon · June 8, 2007 at 3:30 pm

Can’t wait untill next Mon.

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