I am in the middle of week 2 of my Strength Phase and am following a routine I divised to be the follow up to Pavel's Enter The Kettlebell routine. I followed the “Same but Different” philosophy to ratchet up the intensity of the earlier program. Simple realy, double kettlebells for the clean & jerk and turned the pull ups into kipping pull ups. (You read that right, kipping pull ups, it's not a misprint.) Never discount an exercise because someone you respect feels strongly about doing it a certain way. Pavel vs. Crossfit on pay per view buy it now. Strict, high tension pull ups face off against their arc enemy, kipping pull ups. Remember the same but different, the right tool for every job and the right stress for the desired adaptation. When you want your legs strong you squat heavy and slow. When you want to build maximal power you jump. As you may have read in the National Academy of Sports Medicine book “Integrated Training for the New Millennium” (and many other texts) Elastic Equivalent Training (a heavy strength exercise followed by a similar biomechanical power movement) causes neuromuscular adaptations like increased motor unit recruitment, increased rate coding, increased motor unit synchronization, and increased rate of force production. Need I go on. Forget all the technical mumbo jumbo and go out and try some kipping pull ups. You may be surprised by doing both kinds your strict pull up numbers go up. Would'nt that be a shame!

The complete program will be posted shortly!!!

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