Greg Mihovich and “men and womeen of strength” at the Underground Gym in New Jersey also held a Girvoy Sport Competition on the same day (May 5, 2007) the Nationals were held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The logistics were much easier getting to Jersey for a day trip compared to several days away from family and work. I know, I know the trip sounds great but what are you going to do.

I had been training specificly for the competition for 5 weeks and was eager to compete. Last minute I was able to convince a couple of trainees (James and Brandon) to come with me and James ended up competing as well.

This was my first GS event with the 24kg bells so I had no competition numbers to compare with. Lifting the 32kg bells in my first GS event I hoisted 14 Jerks (I felt like the jerk) and Snatched 60 total reps. In order to set some goals I looked to the numbers needed to qualify for “Candidate for Master of Sports” (CMS) with the 24kg bells I would need a traditional score of 190. WOW!!! Knowing those numbers were a “little” lofty I set my goal at a trad. score of around 100.

My training had gone really well. By that I mean I trained hard and yet still felt strong and healthy. I had little to no aches or pains. During my preperation I was still learning a ton by reading many articles and finding tons of info on line about GS training. My five week preperation had already started and I tried to implement what new information I could while still following the basic outline of my plan. When it comes to the last part of contest preperation your focus is simple, Jerks and Snatches are what you need and lots of them. During this portion of the preperation I did little to no assistance exercises and stuck to the basic competition events. Boring you say? Look again. One of the concepts I have learned from reading Pavel's books is the “same but different” concept. For example some days I would snatch a percentage of my max and ladder up the numbers over a period of one and several “practice sessions”. While other days I would rip out a max set of snatches on one arm, rest several minutes and max on the other arm. Then there were days when I would hold the snatch in the lockout position and go for a walk. The same can be done with the Jerks such as doing an EDT session with one heavy bell and go for fifteen minutes doing 3 reps per arm and switch. Another favorite is the long rep. Start by doing a handful of reps or so and then hold the kb's in the rack for 10 sec and then jerk them, hold this position for 10 sec and keep repeating for the desired length of time. Also I liked doing sets of long cycle as well which had a tramendous condition effect. I know the snatch is supposed to be the “tsar” of the kb lifts but the c & j can not be beat for brutal conditioning.

The meet turned out to be a blast. Greg Mihovich had several of his clients and employees trained and ready to compete. The ten competitors started with the lightest athletes first (which put me last at 220lb's) and each one pulled off a persoanl best. I ended up with 40 jerks and 75 snatches right and 75 snatches left for a traditional score of 115 (add your rt and lft totals of snatches and divide by 2 then add the jerks to get the traditional score) which was the high for the day and more importantly my new personal record. Can't wait to break it.

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