I did not want to “plan to fail” OR “fail to plan” so I decided to do some research on GS training and found some great advice from two of this countries top Gireveks Jared Savik(Candidate for Master of Sports) and Catherine Imes (Master of Sports). I found great information at www.dragondoor.com (of corse), www.girevoysport-us.com and www.edtsecrets.com. One thing they both agreed on was the cyclic phases a girevek should undergo throughout the roughly 18 weeks leading up to the competition. As a personal trainer with 15 years experience the method of cycling different phases over time was not a new concept but as usual with all Russian methods the phases had a simplicity to them, STRENGTH, STRENGTH-EDURANCE and the PRE-COMPETITION phase. Sounds simple enough but here is where the fun starts.

To recap my situation, I had just competed in the Cross-Worlds, took one week off from any formal training and dietary restraint and started playing with EDT training all the while formulating my plan to cram 18 weeks of preperation into 5 short weeks. Hands down the best and most important concept I have learned came from the “Evil Russian” himself, Pavel, which was to train often 4-6 days/week yet (here is the kicker) stay fresh. This simplistic concept (in theory) would be my driving force to laying out my plan of attack. (see the matrix below)

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