A Growing BizFit CrossFit takes on 3 new trainers

     In order to meet the demands for training at BizFit CrossFit I have added several time slots to the Group Schedule for a total of 24 hours a week!  In order to supply that much training I have had to hire, train and get CrossFit Certified 3 new trainers.
     Long time customer, training partner and more importanly friend, James Hobart, has stepped to the plate to not only be the BizFit CrossFit "Top Performer" but also a top CF Level I Certified Trainer.  Donna Mailin has in a very short period of time managed to absorb a tremendous amout of information by "shadow training" here at BizFit while simultaneously finishing The BCC (Berkshire Community College) Personal Training Program.  On top of that she also completed the CrossFit Level I Certification and has been hard at work becoming one of the BizFit female top performers.  That leads me to our new "Kiwi" friend Matt Dyson.  Matt, who happens to be an item with Donna and seen above swinging a 53# kettlebell, has come from New Zealand and put all of his 21 years of military experience to work by quickly becoming a "CrossFit Force-to-Wreckon With".  Matt received his CrossFit Level I Certification along with James and Donna at Aprils cert. in Ann Arbot Michigan.  Stay tuned for upcoming blogs where I will go into each trainers background  and more thoroughly introduce them.

5k run or row

     The week provided some of the best weather of the year so far so time to get out for some running.  Some opted to stay in for 5000m on the rower while others braved the 65 degree and sunny weather for a stroll down mainstreet.  Everyone made it back in one piece so I'll call it a success. 

     Looking forward to Tommy V. tomorrow.  Stay tuned for more pictures from that rope climb, thruster nightmare.

More CrossFit Bang For Your Buck!

     Level I CrossFit instructor Matt Dyson (seen here being instructed by CrossFit HQ instructor Tony Budding) will be leading a Sat. morning 10 am weekly training session which will focus on skill aquisition and technique on the more challenging CrossFit exercises.  For example this Sat (4/26) will focus on the dreaded rope climb.  STOP!  I know what your thinking.  "I can't climb the rope!"  That's the point.  That's where superior instruction and the amazing value you receive here at BizFit comes into play.  It is our job (or in this case Matts job) to teach you techniques that help you succeed.  Keep checking back on the site to see what will be worked on each week.  Come this Sat. and be the first lady to make it up the rope and become a "weblebrity" on www.bizfitnation.com

Forging Elite Fitness in the Berkshires