Jungle Jane or Jungle Bob?

     This week our new pull-up structure should be coming in.  Once it's here and put together (it's like a giant erector set) we can begin to perfect our pull-ups, dips and speed up workouts like the CrossFit Total.  I have been thinking of a couple of different names for the beast.  First off I like Jungle Jane because so many of the ladies have been getting their first pull-ups I only though it was right.  On the other hand I am so dam proud of Bob Luhamn for getting his first pull-up that I thought Jungle Bob made sense.  A BizFit t-shirt will go to the winner of the naming contest.  Stay tuned.




keep them going!

Friday, October 3, 2008 W.O.D.

Double Unders
for time:

     Congratulations to Rebecca M., Sarah S., Ethan O., Scott M., and Samar H. for getting their first double unders.  "I got it!!!" is what you always hear from across the room on that first one.  Their have been so many firsts lately, first pull-up (chin over bar) from Jason O. (look for that video coming soon) Bob L., Holly S., and Sarah S.  We have had Beth R. deadlift over 200 lbs. along with Leslie B. and Jason O. deadlifting over 400 lbs.  Everyone's running is getting so much better.  People are wanting to run instead of rowing (I never thought I would see the day).  I expect to see many more first pull-ups coming soon because our monster pull-up rack from Sorinex is coming next week.  Boys love their toys.  When it comes in I will need some hands putting it together (that night) so I am offering beer and pizza for anyone willing to lend a hand.

Record Breaking Day At BizFit CrossFit

     33 members of "The BizFit Nation" came in to take part in the CrossFit W.O.D. which set the record for the most people in a single day.  It took "Angie" to bring everyone out today.  "Angie" was one of my least favorite workouts but not no more.  Bring on "Angie!"

     A big thanks goes out to Bob, Samar, Kim, Jonathon, Gary, Scott, Ellen, Michelle, Lauren, Art, Laura, Sheri, Holly, Kim, Gabrielle, Ron, Ethan, Kate, Leslie, Marty, Mike, Laurel, Martha, Jeff, Amy, Sarah, Erik, Rebecca, Cathy, Trish, Lois, Mona and Jason.

     You are the heart and soul of BizFit and I considerate it an honor to be your coach!

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