The first session is a 1 on 1 personal training workout and fitness evaluation.


Personal Training………………………………..$75/session  or  Package of 8 sessions @ $65/session = $520

Semi-private Training (2-3 people)……..$45/person

CrossFit Classes……………………………….$25/class  or  $160/month for an unlimited number of classes!!

Family discounts and referral rewards are available. Please call Mike at 413-822-3069 to inquire.

WEEK TWO (is through!)

This week the focus will remain on strength but I will do 2 strength sessions, 1 EDT sessions and 1 GS session.

Double Snatch (2)24kg x 5 x 5
Front Squats (2)32kg x 5 x 5

See Saw Press 24kg x 5 x 5
Renegade Rows 24kg x 5 x 5

Tues. 4/3 EDT
PR Zone 1
Clean & Jerk 32kg x 56 R&L = 112 total (15 min)

PR Zone 2
Dive Bombers 50 (15 min)
Pull Ups 44

Thurs. 4/5
Double Swings (2)32kg x 5 x 5

Doulbe Clean & Press 24kg x 1,2,3,4 x 5
Weighted Pull Ups +20 lb x 1,2,3,4 x 5

Fri. 4/6 GS
Jerks (2)24kg x 4min 4rpm = 16 total reps (just trying to improve my total time)

Snatches 24kg x 4 min/arm 48R/48L = 96 12rpm

12 min Man Maker

Week One is Done!

Looking at the training matrix you will see that week one was a strength focus. I did 3 strength workouts, 1 EDT and 1 GS type session. Here are the routines.

Mon. 3/26 STRENGTH
Double KB Snatch 24kg x 5 reps x 4 sets
Front Squats (2) 32kg x 5 x 4

See Saw Press 24kg x 4 /arm x 4
Renegade Rows 24kg x 4 x 4

Tue. 3/27 EDT 15 Min. (1)32kg kettlebell
Clean & Jerk Left- 5,5,5,5,5,5,4,4,4,4,4,3,2,1,1=57
15 min
Dive Bombers-5,4,3,3,3,2,3,3,2,2,2,2,=34
Pull Ups- 4,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2,2,2,2,=33

Super Legs Series
Speed Squats- 20
Speed Lunge – 20
Split Jumps – 10
Squat Jumps – 10
3 sets

Thurs. 3/29 STRENGTH
Double Swings (2)32kg x 5 x 5
Double Clean & Press Ladders (2)24kg x 1,2,3,4 x 4
Weighted Pull Up Ladders plus 20lb x 1,2,3,4 x 4
Swing Drop Sets (see Catherine Imes artcle)

Fri. 3/30 STRENGTH
Double Cleans (2)32kg x 5 x 5
Renegade Rows 24kg x 5/arm x 5
Front Squats (2)32kg x 5 x 5
Farmers Walks

Sat. 3/31 GSTS (Girevoy Sport Timed Sets)
Jerks (2) 24kg x 3min x 4rpm = 12 (reps easy, time not)
Snatches 24kg x 3min Lft 32, 3min Rt 38 =70 (easy pace, lots left in tank)

Weekly Recap:
Very little muscle soreness, energy levels good. Looking forward to next week. (Train hard and often without burning out)


I did not want to “plan to fail” OR “fail to plan” so I decided to do some research on GS training and found some great advice from two of this countries top Gireveks Jared Savik(Candidate for Master of Sports) and Catherine Imes (Master of Sports). I found great information at (of corse), and One thing they both agreed on was the cyclic phases a girevek should undergo throughout the roughly 18 weeks leading up to the competition. As a personal trainer with 15 years experience the method of cycling different phases over time was not a new concept but as usual with all Russian methods the phases had a simplicity to them, STRENGTH, STRENGTH-EDURANCE and the PRE-COMPETITION phase. Sounds simple enough but here is where the fun starts.

To recap my situation, I had just competed in the Cross-Worlds, took one week off from any formal training and dietary restraint and started playing with EDT training all the while formulating my plan to cram 18 weeks of preperation into 5 short weeks. Hands down the best and most important concept I have learned came from the “Evil Russian” himself, Pavel, which was to train often 4-6 days/week yet (here is the kicker) stay fresh. This simplistic concept (in theory) would be my driving force to laying out my plan of attack. (see the matrix below)

Forging Elite Fitness in the Berkshires